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Originally Posted by ark_28 View Post
So you honestly think if Australia were going for 149 they would just take singles and coast along to 117? They may get bowled out but they wouldn't bat the overs for just 117 they made sure they did enough to qualify while put India in serious trouble!

Did you not see how Hussey celebrated for reaching 112 even though they were losing! 112 was clearly their target not 149!

South Africa unlike Australia were trying to win the game as any team should in such a big event!
maybe they should play the last round similtaneously to stop that kind of's also getting that way in the 50-over format. FIFA did that in 82.
I remember AUS on the go slow against windies in 99 world cup.

good to see the tounry heating up with the super8's..the matches were close an exciting...including ours(nz)...although i still think it's hard on minnows.
2 pools of 6 then go straight to semis would make things interesting.
So does he have a weakness?
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