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Originally Posted by Djoker91 View Post
Yea the biggest thing I'm looking for is a type of mentality. A "think of doing this while you hit" if you will. Because what I'm doing now is shoveling the ball using a djokovic looking motion. The head droops below the handle and everything. I need to have some type of motion that allows me to hit thru the court. I need more out and not up. I still want insurence topspin, but how do I get that middle ground?! It's driving me insane lol
I think there are likely 2 main aspects here.

1 is not to get as much below the ball as you normally do (and thet may accout
for what you see as pushing)

2 is to realize that as you go forward thru the ball, it will be on an arc working
across in front of you, not trying to push straight out towards the target as it
sounds your big hitter friend is suggesting. Yes you get more power his way, but
control is not good enough to develop great confidence in the shot that way.
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