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Originally Posted by BobbyOne View Post
Rosewall has many categories where he leads against Laver (winning majors in a row, years in top ten, record as a young player, record as an old player,WINNING MAJORS and so on).

HtH is not the only measure for dominating of a player. More important is ranking in the top ten! You should know this. Laver was ranked below Rosewall in most years of the 1970s.

Laver played against Rosewall mostly when the age was a handicap for Rosewall. Remember that Rosewall was already 28 when they first met. From 1965 onward Rosewall had that handicap.

You seem as stubborn as Dan Lobb in your idolization of your darling...
Among other things:

- Laver won: 1 amateur Grand Slam, 1 pro Grand Slam and 1 Open Grand slam. Rosewall has "0" Grand Slams.

- Laver had 200 career titles, Rosewall has about 130 career titles.

- Laver had a winning career H2H record against Rosewall, a winning H2H record during 4 years of Rosewall's peak, a winning H2H during 10 years of Rosewall's prime, and a winning H2H record in the 70's when Rosewall enjoyed better health than Laver who played a reduced schedule beginning in 1972 because of injuries.

- Laver was #1 in the World for 7 straight years, all of which were during Rosewall's peak and prime. Rosewall was #1 for 2 years, and only because Gonzales was past his peak and Laver had not reached his peak.
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