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Originally Posted by janm View Post
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Would using software like this introduce a more scientific way of measuring the perfect amount of lead tape to use.

ie. could this software measure racket head speed so I can figure out the point where the weight slows head speed down too much?

Anyone know how do the proffessional companies do these type of measurements?
Good problem but you would have to figure out what you want to measure and apply the Kinovea software.

Kinovea tracking a ping pong ball marker on a tennis racket.

Velocity - Put a scale in the video and you can measure velocity if a few geometric factors are properly considered.

Here is some more serious tennis research by the ITF.

Also look up the work of Rod Cross on rackets, ball spins, kick serve, etc.

Vicon is a company that does 3D high speed video for motion capture. These $300K multi-camera systems are used to capture the movements of people wearing reflective markers for making video games and computer animations. The same 3D system might be used to get the complete motion of tennis rackets impacts with various amounts of lead tape.

I don't know much about lead tape but reducing the racket axial rotation on impact by placing lead tape on the side edges is probably an important use. ? They say that rotation around the racket axis makes no difference because the ball leaves the strings in just 5 milliseconds but I'm not sure of that conclusion.

See forehand racket face hits at the bottom of the webpage

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