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Agreed, absolutely! Equipment has influenced the evolution of the modern game. But my point is, when you are trying to define what the modern game is, where would you fit in equipment? Let's say you watch a Laver/Rosewall game and a Federer/Nadal game and are asked to point out what the differences are. Where would equipment come in, in your description? One can play modern tennis with older equipment, and one can play classical tennis with new equipment. That's why I believe that equipment is not a defining characteristic of modern tennis, although it is a primary enabler. Maybe I am just quibbling and we are all actually in agreement...
Concerning the bolded part, I suppose you could, but, it wouldn't be optimal. In other words, I think Don Budge would play a higher level of tennis with his racquet than Djokovic would, and vice versa.

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