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It would be interesting to see the stats for the Budge-von Cramm 1937 Davis Cup match in which Budge said and others also said that the level was unbelievable.
My friend, entire books could be written about that match (they have been written as you well know).

Here are the stats published in the NY Times:

Budge had 8 aces, 49 placements, 50 nets, 53 outs, 4 df.
Cramm had 8 aces, 53 placements, 59 nets, 65 outs, 4 df.

It's often said that both players made twice as many winners as errors in this match, but as you can see it's really the reverse: they made twice as many errors.

They still made a lot of winners and there's no doubt the match was extremely high quality. In virtually all tennis matches there are more errors than winners.

I think the claim that they made twice as many winners may be based on a set of stats published in Britain, in which dozens of what we would call forced errors were counted as "winning aces" for the man who won the point. Those stats were published in Lawn Tennis and Badminton, and in those figures Budge makes about twice as many "winning aces" as errors. Von Cramm's ratio is not as high as twice as many, but he still makes more "winning aces" than errors.

According to Lawn Tennis: "Budge scored 113 winning aces and made 60 errors; von Cramm 105 aces and 76 errors."

But the stats in the New York Times are the ones most similar to stats you see today. Today most "winners" are clean winners (no contact by the opponent), with a few judgment calls also thrown in, especially with service winners.

The Times stats are so clear because they report exactly how many times Budge and von Cramm hit the net, and how many times they hit out of bounds. So you know that the remaining figures -- the placements and the aces -- represent the maximum number of what we would call clean winners.

Budge made, at most, 57 clean winners/aces. Von Cramm, at most, made 61.

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