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Originally Posted by Xonemains View Post
LOL, for the people who dont break x-ones in about 3 hours, and try to use it full bed, its the biggest rocket launcher!!!! after about the 4 hour mark! you have to cut it out.

its in exactly the same boat as Polystar energy, awesome for the first 3 hours, then SUX badly. but you get about 7/8 hours in the Polystars.

trust me, im an expert x-one user, hence my name.

be smart and use x-ones in the mains and cheap syn gut in the crosses!! you cant go wrong there, it would only last 2/3 hours though for big hitters
I trust you, loved it so much that but dread the fact I have to carry so many racquets because the strings snaps way too early for me. Never had a dead string feel from X-1s; it's broken before it's dead.
It is better to have it and not need it THAN to need it and not have it!
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