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Originally Posted by 5263 View Post
Ok, first, sorry I didn't find that Pic 2 that was on the screen for a couple of secs
during that vid, but to my defense, it was mostly blocked on my screen
by a big pause symbol for some reason.
On the bright side, that symbol was helpful once I located that frame. It was
very useful to show how incredibly inaccurate that stroke path illustration was.
Watching the few secs prior where it had the swing, I could use the pause for
reference to the path and then see how way off the pic two lines were drawn in.
Its not even close. It's like they used something totally different, like say
a traditional perspective on extending the swing path down the target line.
So maybe you also need to look at things more carefully and see there is the
evidence (not Proof of course) you request.

As to accel, why do you bring it up that you don't see it there, then come back
and say it is not set up to use for that purpose? Maybe that is why you don't
see it?
About approximation:
Here is picture that combines the racquet path and its approximation from New York Times. It seems they did very good job.

If you know any better approximation algorithm, just let me know. However, I must warn you that no one has yet invented a perfect approximation.
About acceleration:
Did you read post 137?
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