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Originally Posted by OHBH View Post
Babalots are mostly cheap and stiff, and they do not give you any more power than a lot of players sticks. Tennis warehouse has already done the homework for you.

Now select a wilson prostaff 6.0 85 vs a APDGT and you will see that because of the greater mass the prostaff actually has a greater power potential than its so-called "modern" replacement. Even the pacific x feel pro 90 vacuum rates better in this regard.

Babolats are simply light and stiff so 3.0's can whip their arms around extra fast to generate good topspin and ruin their arms. Babolats goal is give the consumer great short term results in a demo to buy the stick and not return calls three months later when they complain about TE.

But better players do not need this gimmick as good technique and heavier rackets produce a more consistent heavy ball. That is why you see pros adding huge amounts of lead to the their frames-they want them to play more like the older players frames of yesteryear.
I agree that babs do make it easier for people with short swings, but there is no way that the modern pro wants their rackets to play like those clunkers of yesteryear. Most would not even know what those clubs feel like because they grew up with modern rackets.
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