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Originally Posted by toly View Post
About approximation:
Here is picture that combines the racquet path and its approximation from New York Times. It seems they did very good job.

About acceleration:
Did you read post 137?
acceleration... you brought it up in 135 I think with this..."There also is no
compact swing and sudden, 3” before impact, racquet acceleration."

Then you come back in #137 and say, "So, you cannot evaluate speed and
acceleration of the racquet."

So first you claim that sudden accel is not there
(never mind MTM does not claim sudden accel),
then come back and say it cannot be evaluated.
I'm just asking, which way you want it?? Are you going to claim it's not there
or claim it cannot be evaluated from the info??

And NO, that is a very poor job with the illustration and shows several inches,
if done to scale, of straight forward swing where there is none and has the
last part of the straight section up at the frame instead of the middle where
it started and was tracking! Those are the critical inches
where the face is coming across. The small straight section would be the
lead in and rt before contact the face is coming across at greater than the
angle this illustration has at the end of it's straight segment. Don't want to be
mean, but surely you were not that sloppy with your work as an engineer, right?
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