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Originally Posted by Jonny S&V View Post

I like how everyone puts DI on this pedestal, like it's impossible for a decent high school player to play on a DI team. I mean, yeah, if you wanna play on a top 75 DI school, it's virtually a requirement that you be around a 4-star on TRN.

But if he merely wants to play DI (where there's most likely consistent monies and facilities), there are PLENTY of DI schools that he could go to and start as a true freshman, such as Western Illinois U, Southern Illinois University - Edwardsville, South Dakota State (although SDSU has been upping their recruiting standards lately), etc... Those are just schools I've had experiences with. I'm sure there are many schools just like the aforementioned schools around the nation that could fit a guy like the OP.
This is an excellent point. I think that may people hear "D1" and automatically assume that people are looking to play at USC, Georgia or Pepperdine.

Originally Posted by NLBwell View Post
If you really, really, really, really, really, want to play D-1 tennis and have really gotten to your level in 3 years, then take a year off school, go to a tennis academy, pay the bucks, and play full-time.
The year off with full time play is another excellent point.
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