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Originally Posted by tlm View Post
There is some truth to what you are saying about some of the traditionalist that don't like the new age sticks.

But I don't agree that most players can hit the same shots with the same control using a pure drive compared to a lower powered stick. I know I cant, I love the power and spin that I get out of a bab, but there is nowhere near the control that I need to play my best.

Plus these stiff rackets are hard on the arm whether you believe it or not. When a racket has a stiffness rating of over 70 there is no way in hell that it can be arm friendly.
Thank you for your reply. I'm not saying that most players can hit the same shots with all sticks. On the contrary, I appreciate that that various sticks have their unique characteristics that indeed play into one's preference. What I am saying, however, is the apparent tendency of some to rate subjective "feel" over actual, objective performance. I have little issue admitting that the best frame in terms of what's been addressed as feel was the Fischer Vacuum Pro 90, but in now way shape or form is that racquet comparable in terms of pace and velocity of shots as the APDGT.

As to the stiff racquet argument, I accept the proposition that stiffer racquets may be more problematic - however, that's presuming that all else remains equal amongst the racquets at issue. Frankly, I believe we are largely unaware of such variables as layup - for instance, how much twaron does my Prestige Pro 600 actually include?
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