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Originally Posted by yemenmocha View Post
Great racquet. Wish is was just 1 or 2 tenths of an ounce lighter for me, and then it would be perfect.
Do give it some time. I think we're so used to lighter frames now soemthing like the 200 Tour feels heavy to us. It did to me at first but now I'm fine and really don't notice the difference anymore. TW Chris mentioned this in one of the reviews of the 200 line (the bio 200 tour IIRC). You can also eat tour wheaties!

But seriously, while I was going back and forth between the 200 and 200 Tour I sometimes felt like I didn't have enough RHS with the tour and lost some RPMs. Then, when I stuck with the Tour, after just a few days I was fine. Tonight I was back to hitting extreme spin on serve and groundies. My forehand was not only driving down with topspin it was also breaking with side spin. Just takes some time getting used to it, especially since the extra weight encourages (demands?) good form. I find that I'm playing smoother and more consistently with the Tour.
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