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Originally Posted by Soianka View Post
Yes, I agree she is.

I think you just have to be very careful when dealing with girls and body image issues.
I disagree ,that has been our problem here in the USA we have babie'd our kids for so long we have a nation of wimps , kids that are afraid of being successful or don't know how, heck we have TCF on here saying go to college get the "free"ride or as I see it another 4 years to hopefully get responsible and mature because mom and dad were not honest about making them disciplined ,responsible, set goals and hold you to them, afraid to tell their kids they have to be honest and if they are not well "No consequences"
Also being honest with your kids "hey your to slow you need to get faster" , your out of shape need to diet , your grades are low do you want to grow up stupid ?

we dare not talk to our beloved children this way cause we might hurt their beloved feelings!

Sitting down and telling Taylor here great chances that sit in front of her even if it hurts her feelings is worth it.

"Faithful are the wounds of a friend then the deceitful kisses of and enemy" !! King Solomon
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