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Obviously she wouldn't dominate jack, but she had several good opportunities to win majors even during the time the new breed emerged. For me, that is very impressive as it shows that she could have been a top player and slam winner even against the stiffest competition. Again, she didn't actually take several of her opportunities (RG 99, USO SF 00, AO 02), but give her a stronger mind, and she has beaten Graf in a RG final to complete her career grand slam JUST in the year when power tennis is on the rise, follows this up by actually closing out that match against Venus in that semi (which, if she beats LD is another slam or if she loses, is a victory during one of Venus best winning streaks) and that AO in 02. Follow that up with a bunch of final where she didn't really have a shot of winning, holding the #1 for a long time, the YEC in 00 and other small titles....who could honestly say she was crushed by the power game? She needed no further improvement in terms of game or power to achieve these things. Just being clutch...

In summary, I believe the power game prevented her from DOMINATING the game, while her mind prevented her from being a slam champion (after the RG)
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