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Originally Posted by El Zed View Post
Mostly cheap in what way? Are they pure graphite, no, but their construction is no worse than say a Microgel Radical.

Also, and apologies if I'm mistaken, but the link you referenced doesn't necessarily help in that there is one set of variables for each of the four racquets. Of course the racquet with the greatest swing-weight is going to have the "heaviest" or "quickest" ball, but that's presuming you are approaching your shot in the same manner for a racquet with a swing-weight of 350 than one at 315. You're not. There is always going to be some variance - whether it is pure swing, racquet angle, etc. Again, apologies if I misunderstood the chart as I only spent a few seconds with it, but the aforementioned issue became evident rather quickly.

You're remaining points also don't ring true to me. First, you say that "Babolats are simply light and stiff so 3.0's can whip their arms around extra fast to generate good topspin and ruin their arms." Unstrung at 11.3 oz and a swing weight of 331 isn't "light." Afterall, the IG Prestige Mid has a swing-weight of only 317 in comparison.
11.3 oz is the strung weight, not the unstrung weight. And there is a big difference in elbow safety between a heavy players racket with a higher swingweight and a lighter racket that compensates with a less headlight balance to achieve that 331 swingweight. There is a lot of info about specs and how they relate to elbow/shoulder/wrist safety here
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