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Originally Posted by tlm View Post
I am a top spin player and love the spin and pop off the court that a bab gives me, but I will hit to many shots long in match play with these rackets which to me are rocket launchers.

If I use a racket like these I need to string it tight which just makes it worse on the arm. I am using a prince rebel 98 now which gives similar spin like a pure drive, but with much better control and comfort.
Definitely understand the issue of comfort and have discussed it above. That being said, multi in the low 50s has rendered the racquet comfortable enough to the point that this is not a negative in my book. Again, however, I understand that's totally subjective.

In terms of your optimal shot with both the PD and the Rebel 98, which has the higher ceiling? If the PD, why not improve one's game to the point where you can hit consistently with it? Perhaps that is why people are so enamored with the APDGT - when they watch Nadal, they see what the racquet is capable of in various facets on a consistent basis. If the bar is too high with those attempting to model themselves after Nadal, then shouldn't this line of reason also carry over to those intending to replicate Federer/Sampras/Edberg/etc. with the Pro Staffs. Again, perhaps the vitriol is based off of the novelty of the aerodynamic design and its contrast - essentially - to every other racquet out there.
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