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Originally Posted by TonyB View Post
I agree that the 16x20 pattern in this frame seems very tight, probably even more than an 18x20 in a MP sized frame. With syn gut at 60 lb., that makes for a rough time on the arm. I've used syn gut in the mid-40's in this frame and it felt pretty good.

I really wonder why people are so afraid of going with low tensions. The power level doesn't really even increase all that much, to be honest. And this frame has so much control with low power to begin with, it really needs some added pop from a lively stringbed.
I tried 32lbs on this racket, and the ball just doesn't come off the same as 51 or 53lbs. (Full Poly Golden Set Snake Bite Gauge 16 and Golden Set Hex Poly)

I can understand why someone would want to use a higher tension on this racket.
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