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Yes I agree, but in terms of what caused her to retire, you are saying it was fitness issues with all the work she had to do vs the power players, and I would suggest that is also what probably wore her down eventually and why she seemed to already be "past her prime" so young by 2001 and much moreso by 2002, so even that indicates indirectly the power game ended her career.

Even had she won the 99 French, which i agree she should have, it would have just been completing her huge run of success of major wins in 97-early 99 and if the 2002 Australian Open was her only future slam, it would seem like an unlikely final slam hurrah sort of thing, a dream ending, assuming she still ended up retiring that year, so even that wouldnt indicate much for her ability to keep winning slams in the new huge power era unless she had won the 2000 U.S Open too (which I dont think she would have, 2-6 vs Davenport in 99/2000 and never beat her in a major match again after the 97 U.S Open, and despite the overall winning H2H of Lindsay over Venus, this being another example of deceptive H2Hs at times, Davenport absolutely hated playing prime Venus much more than Hingis did so little wonder she played poorly vs her).

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