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Originally Posted by OHBH View Post
11.3 oz is the strung weight, not the unstrung weight. And there is a big difference in elbow safety between a heavy players racket with a higher swingweight and a lighter racket that compensates with a less headlight balance to achieve that 331 swingweight. There is a lot of info about specs and how they relate to elbow/shoulder/wrist safety here
You're indeed correct about the unstrung versus strung weight.

Maybe I'm wrong, but I've always been under the impression that static weight is less significant than swing-weight from a performance and health perspective. The former coming into play more predominantly in terms of muscle exhaustion (from the sheer process of holding an object with defined mass for a prolonged period). After all, in addition to its "feel," wasn't this one of the highly admired features of the Fischer Pro Vacuum 90 - it's relatively low swing-weight given it similar weight to other player's frames. Also, we need to keep some things in perspective - we're not discussing the difference between a 8/9 oz TiS6 with a wooden frame - we're talking about 11.3 oz frame versus frames in the low 12 oz range. Also, isn't it accepted that heavier racquets are more apt to cause shoulder/rotator cuff issues?
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