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Originally Posted by El Zed View Post
Ha! How can you say anything feels incredible if the shot goes into the net?
OK, you're obviously not getting it. Maybe you've never played with a racquet with incredible feel? Or maybe you're unable to discern the differences in feel between different racquets?

I'm talking about physical feel, not emotional feel. Like how you feel it physically when someone punches you in the gut, not emotional feel like when a girl breaks your heart. So it's NOT - "I just hit a blazing winner and won the match so I feel great!". IT'S - "I just hit the ball into the net and the sensation in my hand and arm feels like it's having an orgasm!".

So the "feel" most of us here are talking about is a characteristic of your racquet and string set-up, NOT your state of mind. Do you get it now?
"You CANNOT be serious!!"
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