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Originally Posted by BreakPoint View Post
The APDGT is 11.3 oz. STRUNG:

TW measures all racquet specs STRUNG.

11.3 oz. STRUNG is very light to me as all my racquets are around 12.5-13.0 oz. strung.
Already acknowledged the mistake above. Of all the racquets sold on Tennis Warehouse, only 5 are in range of 12.5 to 13 oz. Of these, only 3 have a swing weight higher than the APDGT. Only is the APDGT so consistently derided for being a "light racquet," however.

Again, I appreciate that player's racquets are generally held to be above 12 oz strung, but you are making it sound like the APDGT is a titanium racquet or the TiS6 at 8/9 oz. It isn't, and it has a very respectable swing-weight. I don't necessarily consider it a negative that it doesn't have a high swing weight yet retains the plow-through associated with its swing weight.
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