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Originally Posted by toly View Post
Here is very good analysis of the typical Nadal FH racquet path

The picture 1, clearly demonstrates that around impact, frames from #5 to #7, there is no “special” horizontal across motion at all. It occurs after impact, frame #9.

The picture 2 shows that during contact racquet’s path is almost straight forward. IMO, it must be this way if we want to hit powerful FH.

There also is no compact swing and sudden, 3” before impact, racquet acceleration.

So far I see zero correlation between Wegner recommendations and real professional game. That’s why virtually nobody can comprehend MTM. We cannot see what is not there.
Excellent analysis. It is clear that Rafa does not hit 3 balls in a row.

He hits 5.

The overlap in Fig 2 between the racket path and the ball path is telling. The racket clearly moves in the direction of the intended target for the large part, before turning over, as it must.

There is also no abrupt acceleration before impact. The speed keeps increasing, but as per your next post, the acceleration is actually decreasing before impact. The human body cannot sustain continued acceleration of a limb, and that too without sacrificing control.
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