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Originally Posted by El Zed View Post
Already acknowledged the mistake above. Of all the racquets sold on Tennis Warehouse, only 5 are in range of 12.5 to 13 oz. Of these, only 3 have a swing weight higher than the APDGT. Only is the APDGT so consistently derided for being a "light racquet," however.

Again, I appreciate that player's racquets are generally held to be above 12 oz strung, but you are making it sound like the APDGT is a titanium racquet or the TiS6 at 8/9 oz. It isn't, and it has a very respectable swing-weight. I don't necessarily consider it a negative that it doesn't have a high swing weight yet retains the plow-through associated with its swing weight.
Heavier static weight racquets are more stable and absorb more shock and vibration. Research has shown (someone linked to one above) that the worst racquets for arm injuries are light, stiff, head heavy (or less headlight) racquets, e.g., Babolat APDGT. The best racquets for arm health are heavy, flexy, more headlight racquets.
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