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Originally Posted by auburnlull View Post
I bought a flexy demo racquet that came with a brand new Prince Pro Blend kevlar/synthetic gut string job strung at 56lbs. I am aware that kevlar is off the charts stiff and extremely arm unfriendly. Will the synthetic gut crosses soften things up enough to make it somewhat playable or should I just cut it out since I'm used to soft multifilaments and I am prone to sore joints? Does anybody have experience with the difference between a full bed of kevlar vs. a hybrid?
Yeah, I recco you just cut it out. Straight up kevlar is lab tested at 600 - 981 lbs sq in [1] (Prince Pro Blend is the 981). The other hybrid blends still are way off the effing charts at 500 - 600 lbs sq in. That's twice as stiff as the stiffest polys in the 290-300 range. Besides the digits, I can tell you from experience. I played with Forten Aramid Gear (Textured Kevlar / Forten Sweet 16 Nylon) for several years. That was like 10-12 years ago. Whatever slight economic or performance advantage I thought I gained back then, just doesn't exist when compared to the string choices on the market today. There's plenty of strings that will last a good long time before snapping, play much better, and are waay more arm friendly.

BTW... ( Txt858 ) Kevlar holds no special advantage when it comes to "biting" or "grabbing" the ball for spin potential. Ball bite actually isn't really the big issue we thought it was years ago. Because the ball comes to a complete stop, and is squished flat like a bug into the string bed to nearly 50% the original size on impact, there is no more bite, or more grabbing to be had. There is biting sooner, or biting later, but the ball bites the string bed every time, on every impact. Consequently, it has been shown that low inter-string friction [2] (slippery is spinnier) is a much more important factor in spin production than ball on string friction.



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