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Originally Posted by BreakPoint View Post
I guess I believe in hard work rather than getting a government bail out. LOL
Thank you for being the perfect foil to my argument.

You are right - use of the APDGT represents an abandonment of hard-work for the petty endeavor of a "free lunch." You see, I just show up to the court, and the APDGT magically attaches itself to my hand in a manner affording me heavy shots with topspin at notably improved pace with absolutely no effort on my end. The only evident down-side being, given your posts, the lack of an "arm...orgasm."

Opinions of the quality that you have provided are exactly what has troubled me to the point of posting the initial message. A racquet is a tool, nothing more, and nothing less. But through technological development, tools can be improved over time. The use of improved tools is not "cheating," a free lunch, nor some "Faustian" pact that you referenced.

The APDGT is not for everyone. Contrary to popular belief, a short swing with the raquet will not render a shot with pace sufficient to be an offensive weapon in match play. The racquet does not play itself. Furthermore, wild and uncontrolled (read, improper) swings will indeed result in a shot that is over the court and into the parking lot - a common complaint with this stick. Controlled pace takes - gasp - work. But once that is provided and the results are obtained, you are left with a racquet able to provide significant spin, strong punch AND accuracy (to a degree better than any of the racquets I have previously used). But again, to the likes of you, this will likely fall on deaf ears eliciting a response that either my arm will fall off or that I am a Nadal-wannabe playing with a grannie stick. Again to each his own, but your comments have done nothing to give pause to my belief that the APDGT is unjustly disparaged here.
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