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Originally Posted by NadalAgassi View Post
Not really. She is compared mostly to Goolagong but I dont even find them that similar. The closest comparision I could find is she is a Martina Hingis with more firepower but without the mental toughness or consistency.
The only women who ever moved as beautifully and effortlessly as Mandlikova were Goolagong and Bueno. Martina Hingis was a compact and smooth hitter but she was like a robot compared to Hana and as an athlete she simply wasn't in the same stratosphere as Mandlikova. I mean, that's like comparing a race horse to a cart horse.

When Hana was on she could hit winners off everything and beat anyone in the world from any part of the court. When she was off she could lose to anyone. Her game was very delicate and didn't have the same margin for error as Martina or Chris. She was a better shot-maker than either of them but didn't have their determination or drive.
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