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I think your original post is rather thoughtful. If you find that with Babolat frames, you get all the benefits of more 'prestigious' frames plus added spin and power, you found your perfect weapon. It doesn't matter what others say because, at the end of the day, the racket is your weapon.

What lacks in this forum is an understanding that everyone's different. People cite many generalizations and rules of thumb, e.g. light and stiff rackets tend to worsen tennis elbow and lack feel. I believe there is truth to these generalizations. But they're what they are: generalizations, and nothing more. If A plays extremely well with Babolat sticks without elbow problems, then the generalization is no longer relevant. The problem is that many on this forum recite these rules of thumb as if they're indisputable laws of physics and try to impose them on everyone.

There is definitely an anti-Babolat tendency here on TW. But keep in mind that TW is a biased sample of all recreational tennis players out there. From my experience, many recreational and even competitive players (college level) have favorable opinions towards Babolats.

On that note, I should also point out that nostalgia and "feel" are all very legitimate reasons for choosing a racket. Like BP, I would also not choose a racket that feels bad, even if I play awesome with it. I would rather choose a racket that I play less awesome with, but feels fantastic. I can make this trade-off because I'm a recreational player.
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