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Actually, I think the Pure Drive and the APD are great racquets, it's the idiots that seem to migrate to them that bother me. Let's attempt to classify them:

Type 1: Pusher. No regard for technique, just hope to outlast your opponent physically and mentally with junk balls.

Type 2: Hackers. No regard for proper technique, they try to crush every ball as hard as they can and hope one or two go in so they can talk about how great those two shots were for hours afterwards.

Type 3: Spin junkies. They are more interested in generating as much spin as possible than actually playing the point. It's OK to play bad as long as there is max spin on the ball. They are the "Look at me, I use a full western grip and generate more spin than Nadal." Ironically, they are not really putting that much spin on anyway.

Type 4: Nadal fan. Yep, you got it, they show up with the latest PJ, as well as the latest outfit right down to the bandana and then try to emulate Nadal. Of course, they come no where close.

If it weren't for the fact that we see so many bad players hitting with those two racquets I bet they would be much more popular. But as it stands, when serious players see their opponent show up with a PD or an APD they groan hoping that he isn't one of the above 4 types.
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