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Originally Posted by Ross K View Post
arrow and PP/RHs,

Food for thought. I confess these Head MPs like the Elite and 300 have passed me by. In fact I know next to nothing on a lot of these (like the Instinct series, there's another one).

Re the IG Extreme MP that I was all set on checking out, a big downer has suddenly appeared in the unwelcome form of a fact I hadn't realized... 72 RA.

This does bug me big-time re the high RA on frames generally (just like the hugely disappointing rumoured 74 RA on the next APD, for example... wtf?! )... 67/68 is plenty stiff IMO and is about as far as I like to go... who really wants a frame that's 72/73/74 RA?!... I tell you something, it won't be someone who's had wrist issues like me for a while.

Anyhow, if the IG Extreme plays as stiff as that suggests, I might well have a problem with that. What with the slight decrease in stiffness I believe, I'd also probably be well advised to wait for the 2.0 version.
I'd scratch the 300 off the list of interest, if I were you. When I was in NY I got to play a friend there at a club and I was stickless and had to demo a 300 because it was all they had, wasn't very impressed, and then in the second hour of play my buddy let me borrow his spare APD and it was just a much better stick, easier to work with. Never hit with the Elite, though, and of course I've always been somewhat of a fan of the 315 version. The 300 was the lone Speed stick that I really didn't like. Too sluggish for its light weight and did not put a lot of pace on the ball -- which is something you should be able to do pretty easily with a lighter tweener like that.... Never tried the Extremes. My $.02.
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