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Originally Posted by BobbyOne View Post

I have said you good bye but I cannot stand your impertinent youngest post without disproving.

As the "Authoritative Austrian" (Bud Collins) I'm proud enough to refuse your arrogant advise: I do know that Laver has won at least 200 tournaments. I will not explain why Rosewall was handicapped to win only at least 137 tournaments. You would not follow me and my explanation. I never doubted these numbers. In contrary: I was one of those (McCauley, Sutter, Andrew Tas) who claimed that Laver has won many, many tournaments (I once counted 183 when the official number was 145)
I seldom have read a post with so many mistakes.

Why do you teach me?. I never belittled Laver as you belittle Rosewall. I just contradicted you that Laver is leading in most categories against Rosewall. I brought you examples but you stubbornly ignored them

Why do you think I rank Laver first together with Rosewall: Because I do know about his three GSs, his at least 200 tournament wins and so on. But it's a fact of history that, as I have explained you earlier, Rosewall leads in several other categories!

krosero has already corected you: Rosewall did the Pro GS. It's typically for you to "forget" this.

When Laver had a winning hth against Rosewall, Rosewall was NOT in his peak. He was in his peak (when they played each other) in 1963 and 1964 when these two years together Rosewall had the edge.

I have explained you that hth against one player is not the only measure for a player's domination. There is a reason why experts did not rank Laver No. 1 for several years when you rank him first. In fact they ranked Laver No.3 and 4 for 1970, No.3 for 1971, No.4 for 1972 and No. 7 and 8 for 1973...

Laver was not 7 years No.1 when Rosewall was in his prime and even peak: 1965 -1970 Rosewall was not in his peak.

You have written that Laver was best player through 1973. It's about the same as though you write he was ranked No.1. It's a case of hair-splitting.That latter statement shows me that you know nothing or very little about tennis history. In 1973 Laver was ranked No. 7 and No.8 for some reason.

I hate your kind of "discussing".
iīm sure you mostly enjoy the discussions. donīt let your blood pressure go up too much, it isnīt worth it
some posters seem to confuse the discussions with tennis matches where there has to be a winner and a loser.
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