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Originally Posted by Meaghan View Post
Any more outings with the c10pro? Also Id leave the extreme well alone, maybe the new one has some favourable comments but the old one doesnt compare with the APD imo.

Had an offer (which I turned down) for a couple of brand new Volkl tour 10 X-tended sticks, shame really but collecting rackets has long gone and I just want something Im actually gonna play with. Beautiful they were and a hard decision but I prefer the beefier c10, just need a couple more and something to have a fiddle with like an x10 or a bright yellow V-engine, anyone, anyone???
Not sure if I'll be playing this week, which is frustrating. Still got the C10 on the launch pad ready to go with a slightly lighter version of the mods set up you gave me. Might take a little look again at the X Force Pro - just such a good frame imo. Other than that, nearly all the strings have arrived now, so I'll be checking out a load of stuff across the board this early winter.

BTW, I vetoed the Extreme... I've had on/off wrist issues for a bit and I just can't do 72 RA.
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