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Originally Posted by HIGH-TECH TENNIS View Post
I don't know if/when it'll ever happen, but I for one will be so very glad when she has the opportunity to move on and leave the USTA in the DUST.
Originally Posted by jgmellor View Post
Why doesn't she have the opportunity right now? Last week? A month ago? She can leave any time, can't she?
Originally Posted by HIGH-TECH TENNIS View Post
Oh for pete's sake, man. Would you please be serious? Comments such as yours turn this forum into such a waste of time.
You made the statement and so what's wrong with the question? She's the number 1 junior in the world. She must have some options available to her. You started this cheerleading session. Did you really think this would be a one sided rah rah session when you posted this?

I am glad to see she's doing well.
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