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Originally Posted by Alexandros View Post
I would have him shut up and play if he is going to play on hard courts or if he is going to complain about them then yes, put his money where his mouth is and only play on clay if it bothers him so much. He would be a one man boycott, because I doubt any of his peers would follow suit.
Nonsense. There are two slams and many masters on hard courts, he can't control that nor replace those tournaments with clay or grass ones, so he has every right to say what he thinks of hard court and still play on them. If you don't like it, tough luck.

Originally Posted by TMF View Post
I don't hear any player who SUCKS on clay is complaining about the surface, and say having clay courts is wrong.
He's complaining about the surface being bad for player's health. He's not complaining that it doesn't suit his game.

Originally Posted by smoledman View Post
So Federer is a superior athlete, is he supposed to apologize for that? My god, what am I dealing with in this forum?
He's less injury prone, and no one said anything about apologizing.

Originally Posted by smoledman View Post
Because it means more for Nadal's legacy to win another AO/USO then another RG at this point. Far more, but he knows he's incapable.
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