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Originally Posted by sundaypunch View Post
Unless you hit incredible angles, good players will crush those 70% flat balls. You might as well be feeding it to them with a ball machine. There is a reason that the game has evolved from flat groundstrokes to heavy topspin. And it isn't because it is high error.

That being said, for many people hitting flatter is probably a good idea. It is more efficient so older players or those with lower RHS may not be able to keep a heavy topspin ball deep over the course of 2-3 sets.
Yea I've experienced this. I used to have a good deep topspin forehand. But over the course of a match it will definitely disappear. I miss by a few inches a few times in a row. That why I want an agassi style lower trajectory, flatter ball that lands a lil shallower in the court. Like agassi I want to be able to rally consistently, then when I want the winner push it a little harder. I've heard this "push" method on the forehand, and I think I want to go for that feel. It's either that or changing my grip to more western
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