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Originally Posted by coachrick View Post
Nice collection. We sold quite a few of the 30 series and of course I had to have the 50 to be different. Looked pretty cool with Victor Superb gold. I played the much stiffer 70(YGR, I believe) around '79-'80, but it was an arm-killer for me. They all had a distinctive whistle-swoosh as they moved through the air...some folks were put off by it, others thought it was something special.

This series was another I believe that would benefit from a more open string pattern, leaving out one main on either side, eliminating at least one shared hole and leaving out one top cross, IIRC. Like the 200G, the 'official' string pattern mirrored that of a wood racket.

Long Face, that is an excellent addition to your stable...well done!
Coach, your very correct that those rackets would have been improved with a more open string pattern. It is interesting that most of the modern woods had 18x20's and many of the antique and vintage woods had even denser patterns. The larger head graphites and more open string patterns really changed the classic tennis game into the baseline blasting era. Ofcourse, the selection of modern poly strings has also improved the control for the modern power game. I took an action to create a thread on this topic.

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