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Originally Posted by pvaudio View Post
Never tried, but heard it's excellent. I have many many strings though, so the only one I've added this year for my clients is Discho Iontec Black (just bought a reel of N.vY for me and still have my reel of Baseline Spin for when I get really cheap this winter).

I actually have a number of strings which I have in decent quantities but aren't available for my customers. They are:

Laserfibre SNGPS
Isospeed Baseline Spin
Babolat N.vY
Genesis Thunderblast

Reasoning for each is as follows:

1. Last time I went to use a full set, they'd been cheap and sent me only 35ft instead of 40. Not taking that chance again. **** Laserfibre, even as a cross, because two of the 6 sets I bought were their regular syn gut in SNGPS packaging. Not endorsing those thieves.

2. It's simply too inexpensive to make any good-conscience money from. I have given it to players who want more spin and more durability than syn gut, but without paying more, so even then, I'm making lots of money off of it. But for that reason, I can't put it in my inventory since I can only recommend it on a case by case basis.

3. Learned my lesson with pushing Scorpion, so NvY shall be for me only since if I didn't literally have 4-5 clients using Scorpion, I'd still have enough to use it myself

4. The ball-marking is unacceptable. Although they now have natural colored versions out, mikeler gave me a great deal on the remainder of his reel of the black. The string is outstanding, but since many of the players I hit with aren't using my balls, putting waffle marks on the tennis balls just looks bad.

There are so many other people at my club now that use black strings which bleed that I'm just used to seeing it.
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