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Originally Posted by ga tennis View Post
If the USTA is paying the bill then she should do as they ask and work harder on her fitness.I think they want her to be able to compete for grand slams and if her fitness isnt top notch then she doesnt have a chance. I think people have taken this situation and made it something that its not. If a football player for the university of georgia comes back to school over weight im 100% sure coach is gonna address the problem. I dont feel sorry for her she is training there for free and if pmac thinks she needs to drop some lbs and they are paying the bills then she needs to do what is asked of her. I really think the usta is only trying to do whats best for her. I agree i think she needs to work on her fitness it means nothing to be the number one junior in the world in the grand scheme of things.GOOD LUCK TAYLOR!!!! If they pay the bills you need to do what they ask bottom line.
Except it appears that they didn't have her working harder on her fitness, but instead working less on fitness and working less on tennis as well.

It also seems they were trying to punish her rather than help her.

How does it help her game or fitness to miss the national HC's and the US Open? Will this somehow make her more fit?

Sorry, it's not as simple as "they are paying the bills"

Just because they are paying the bills does not mean they get to make decisions that are unfair, humiliate a teenage girl, or make no sense without anyone questioning them.

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