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Originally Posted by mr_fro2000 View Post
Hi everyone, so as I am no spring chicken anymore, I find myself with quite a few aches and pains after a few hrs of tennis (mainly 2 to 3 yrs). The next morning my wrist hurts, i have creaky joints, i feel swollen, etc. Obviously when I was younger i never experienced these pains.

So... what are the best/correct ways to warm up and also cool down after playing a few hrs? Right now pre playing hard, I warm up a bit, then stretch. then play. I drive home and 45 min later, I stretch, take a hot shower and ice my wrist. Sometimes I pop a few advil and go to sleep (i play at night).

What are the best ways to keep the body feeling right? More ice? more stretching right after playing?
I don't think the importance of warm up/cool down/stretching is nearly as important as overall strength pre-habilitation.

Most Rec level tennis players claim tennis is their form of excercise. That can be safe if you're talking about 60 minute hits twice a week. But if you're talking about 3-4 matches per week, leagues, and/or tournaments, you have to prepare your body physically for that much exertion.

I play 3-5 times per week and I do my darnedest to never play 3 straight days. Even 2 straight is a burden on my body. 2-3 mornings per week I go to the gym and do a fairly light total body workout and incorporate some yoga type stretches for a cool down. And once a week, I try to do a 20-30 mile bike ride as cross training. My only goal of strength training is injury prevention.

I assume this is more than most rec players do. But in my mind, it's just necessary to help my body with the tennis abuse I put on it.
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