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Originally Posted by andfor View Post
I thought they increased her fitness time and decreased her court time. It's easier to work on fitness when not preparing for or playing a tournament. Not saying that's right. The lack of real detailed information has been and issue for me. I will say the USTA mis-handled this in the worst way. I do believe the USTA wants to help her develop for the pro game. How they chose to go about it has been poor to say the least.
The last article I read quoting Taylor's mom was they decreased her fitness time and her court time, which is very strange.

The other thing is, I agree with Lindsay and Martina about how they arrived at the process of knowing they had to get more fit and taking ownership of doing that when they were ready to do so.

I agree the USTA handled it badly and it really makes little sense to me how having her miss the US Open would be anything other than a way to punish Taylor.

Doesn't really seem like a great way to help her get fit or be mentally strong. Just a way to break her down.

It seems to me like a power play, pure and simple, aimed at showing the family that they are the ones in charge.

I agree with HTT, I hope Taylor finds training elsewhere.
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