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Originally Posted by ga tennis View Post
If you wanna work on the rally ball i got something for you to do. Go to Lowes and get two long pvc pipes and some hooks that bolt on the pvc pipe and those rings that you use to put around the dryer vent that you tighten when you attach the hose to the dryer.Drill holes in the pvc pipe and attach the hooks on the pvc pipe.Then put the dryer rings around the net post one at the top and one at the bottom so you can slide the pvc pipe thru them. Then you tie the rope from one pipe to the other it should be around 8 feet over the net.Then when you practice you have them hit high and heavy over the rope on deep balls and have them hit under the rope when they are moving inside the court. You can have them do cross court high heavy balls above the rope and this forces them to keep the ball deep with plenty of spin and depth.This will really help them with the rally ball.Remember that they are not pushing high over the rope they need to hit high heavy with alot of racket head speed and really work on their movement between shots.
Thanks. That sounds like a really good drill.
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