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Originally Posted by namelessone View Post
Yeah, Nadal has been great at ducking players on their best surfaces.

Nadal has met Fed 4 times in WTF(indoors) and lost everytime. Nice ducking job there.Ditto for grass in WB 2006 and 2007.

Nadal has met Djokovic on Djoko's best surface(HC) 16 times, lost 11 times. Again, pretty bad job at ducking.

For Nadal-Murray, Rafa has met Andy on HC 11 times, Nadal leading 6-5.

Boy, that Nadal is sure good at preserving his legacy.

It's not in Nadal's best interest to duck anyone. If he wants to remain relevant on tour he has to face the top guys head on. Look at what Djokovic did to him in 2011 and yet Nadal came back to reclaim clay next year and nearly beat him in AO as well.
The AO match had its effects. Nadal quit after the quarters of Miami with an "injury" as he felt the toll of these grinding matches. He finally got it together on clay as he usually does and then immediately after when the surface changed, got bounced again.
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