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Originally Posted by coachrick View Post
Seemed like most of the NC State team had the red YFG 30 when they came to Columbia to play USC(the original...South Carolina). BTW, the Gamecocks' Chris Mayotte(older brother to Tim) beat John Sadri for his only regular season loss that year.

Having Sadri using the YFG 30 certainly didn't hurt the Yamaha's image as a power racket. They even started a 'Fast Serve Contest' tour to help demonstrate the power of the YFG. The regional sales rep wasn't too happy when I tied for first place using a Fischer Superform!
Just think how fast your serve would've been if you'd been using the YFG!

I went from a Kramer Autograph to the red YFG 30. What a game changer! Then suddenly people starting showing up with the huge old ugly green throated aluminum Prince monstrosity.
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