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Default 1st time on the court since February

Back in February, I broke my heel chasing down a lob. The podiatrist put me in heel lifts to shorten the Achilles, told me to stay off it for 3 weeks, to never go barefoot again, and absolutely no stretching. After all this time, I was still not getting much better. Any long periods on my feet, or any running at all was still causing excruciating pain.

Finally fed up with the lack of progress, I went to an orthopedist last week. His x-rays show no evidence of a break. He said I definitely have a heel spur, but recommended no surgery due to possible damage of the Achilles. Instead, he wants me to stretch, stretch, stretch, and ice, ice, ice...

There was enough improvement in the first week, that I took my grandson out to the courts. I didn't push very hard, and let a lot of balls go that I would normally chase down, but felt great to get back out. Hopefully, barring further injury, I may be ready for league play for the spring season.
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