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Originally Posted by smirker View Post
JT, have you tried PS Strike which is a bit stiffer than Energy but holds tension better (so I am led to believe)? Also I have thought about hybriding these strings, in particular Turbo/Energy but also thinking of Strike/Energy.
Yes, I've used Strike, Turbo and Energy; all in full beds at 50 lbs (as well as some other tensions and hybrids with Turbo and Energy).

Strike on its own is a not as soft as the other two, but still on the softer spectrum of copolys. It is a nice string with better tension maintenance than the other two, better control but not a 'big spin' string. It has a unique surface, but probably not enough to cause any difference to ball contact; I didn't notice any wild spin-ability or 'ball bite'. It had a greasy-like coating on it, so I tried it with Gut mains as well. That was a nice combo. Easier spin production, and great flat control with gut mains. Strike in a full bed to me felt like a soft version of BBO. Good all-round poly, but without one single defining characteristic: average feel, spin & power; good to very good control.

I do have a Turbo/Strike hybrid on my short list to try out soon. Strike/Energy would also be an interesting one too.
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