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My player, 9 years old, started a year ago, likes to hit hard, wants to win every single point in practise. She runs like h.ll to reach every ball. Real fighter.

Now she says she wants to start playing tournaments. My plan is to postpone that until her game is "ready" enough. But she says she can't wait to start competing because she wants to win 'real matches' and also because she's "soo eager to make the other girl cry for losing her".

Should I try to convince her that that's a wrong motive to play tennis? That tennis is "just a game"? It seems pretty important to her
Teach her to be super respectful off court and never try to change her attitude about destroying the competition that is a great mindset ,nurture it as much as possible , the only time my player is to show kindness on the court is if his competition gets hurt other then that he is there to crush them .

Best to you and your kids

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