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Originally Posted by Kal-El 34 View Post
Is the buttcap at all loose? This would occasionally happem with the x series donnay line. Simply glue or tape in the cap and it was solved in thoae cases. Have not seen the actual angell racket yet but maybe thia helps
Butt Cap doesn't appear to be loose...... I think it might be the lower (throat ) grommet not yet seated ...... Haven't really played with it in matches , but have used it for "warm-up" several times ..... It hit very well and only occasionally (not very often) do you note a sound .... no vibration felt, so whatever it is is not bothersome. ....... seems better each time out.

As to how it hits .... very controlled and accurate..... not a lot of power (it is the 63 RA flex) .... very solid feel you would expect from a foam filled racquet .... impeccable cosmetics
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