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Originally Posted by NTRPolice View Post
As far as I can tell we're in agreement over the facts. What I dont understand is why you're so convinced that im wrong since knowing for sure either way means you have direct knowledge of DNTRP levels of players. We agree over the facts. We're speculating over the unknowns. To tell me my speculations are wrong (that is to say im trying to make a connection between "S" DQ's and "C" "bumps") you will need direct knowledge of DNTRP's of the players involved)

Because I think we're agreeing over the facts I can only assume you're misinterpreting what im saying.

I didnt think I had to clearly state that "playing up" meant "wins" (therefore beating the anticipated outcome) because I think assuming that playing up and losing 0-0 three times is just nonsense.

Simplified version to avoid more confusion.
Where you were wrong is in making the implication that because there are strikes for S rated players to determine DQs, strikes are also calculated for C rated players and the USTA just waits for the end of the year to bump a player up. This is not the case.

A year end rating being bumped up has nothing to do with strikes, rather it is computed, as others on this thread noted, from your dynamic rating and calculations against benchmark players from your section that advanced to sectionals or beyond. A player could have had 10 "strikes" during the year but if other results offset these very good results, they may not be bumped up.
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