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Originally Posted by mctennis View Post
My initial statement was towards those who post pics here and leave no name/ abbreviated or otherwise as to who it is. Some of these ladies are not recognizable either on the court ( hair pulled back, odd positions of the shot etc..) or at some sort event all dressed up by themselves or in a group. If you have no idea who it is how are you to look the up on the internet? Some even on the WTA site do not even have a picture of them posted. Then if you ask online here it is usually two or three pages forward before you get an answer. Some of us just don't know every single WTA player on the tour. It would just make it easier for all to just put some sort of name/ abbreviated/ nickname, etc.. with their picture. Others have requested this over the course of this thread. I'm not the only one. That was my basic request to the thread. IB1 answered as if I was blasting him, it was not towards him in particular. However, he decided to take an ill directed jab at me for my request. So I replied. Nuff said.
Her name is фото для печати - because that's what it says below the pic.

Wait, why doesn't my count go up? I must be new here.
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