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This isn't directly relevant, but, Vic Braden wrote about Gonzales' serve as being so dominant that the pro tour expermented with allowing only 1 serve per point. The thinking was that taking away Gozales' first serve would take away his advantage. Rather, having only 1 serve increased Gonzales' advantage over the rest of the field.

Tony Trabert has also commented to the effect that he thought his ground game was better than Gonzales', but that, Gonzales' serve was so much better, his ground game didn't make enough of a difference. IMO, Trabert did have a more powerful ground game, but, not necessarily a better ground game. Gonzales was a touch player like McEnroe (but with much prettier strokes) who was a quicker, better athlete overall than Trabert, who used his ground game very effectively to keep his opponent off balance and frustrate attacking net rushers.
Actually it is quite relevant. The point was that Gonzalez's serve was so strong and that he was getting his serve in a very high percentage of the time when he needed it. If he missed any serve he loses the point. Great stuff.
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